Down syndrome is a genetic disorder caused when abnormal cell division results in extra genetic material from chromosome 21 or 14. It predisposes the person to all forms of cognitive and intellectual delays, developmental delays, sometimes, thyroid or heart disease.

The Birth of Morainbow

“We had long awaited the birth of our baby girl who would be just like mummy. I sensed a little problem during her journey to the world, it was somewhat unusual…birth asphyxia. The doctors offered their diagnosis a few days later, “Trisomy 21…Down syndrome”. It was a rude shock. I was in denial initially and didn’t want to believe it as I had prior knowledge about Down syndrome and its lifelong challenges, most of which can be addressed with the right intervention. I thought about the reality, the pain, the stigma, sacrifices, the trauma and the society plagued with ignorance. Truly, I lived in fear of the unknown because I knew there was little or no acceptance of the condition in this part of the world.

We had a beautiful yet traumatic journey for 2 and half years until I was called to further bridge the gap in the disability space in Nigeria.

Sometime in February 2015, while trying to figure out the next step for the work laid before me, I went on a training in the UK for 2 months. One of those cold nights, in February 2015, I heard clearly (same voice that spoke to me in 2014) that the name of the foundation should have “Rainbow” included to it.

A Rainbow signifies hope, even after the storm. Each time I see a Rainbow, it ministers to me and who knows if that’s God’s way of giving me peace after all the stress and pressure of the day encountered with caring for my daughter, Moyinoluwa Bernice Makinde. Few people understood me as my passion grew daily. I have so much to share but in a nutshell, my life is not same again. I have moved from despair to hope and today, I am humbled to have been chosen to work in the disability space in Nigeria.”

– Tola Makinde.

Who We Are

MoyinOluwa Rainbow Down Syndrome Foundation is centered on helping children and families living with Down’s syndrome. We believe in the ability of children with additional needs and that people with Down’s syndrome can live life to the fullest. They possess AN EXTRA ABILITY.

Times are changing and we strongly believe that one cannot go wrong with early support and intervention because being proactive from birth onwards reduces future stress of managing Down’s syndrome later on in life.

In the past, it was believed that there were many things that people with Down syndrome could not do, when in fact they had never been taught or given the opportunity to try.

Our Core Focus

At MoyinOluwa Rainbow Down Syndrome Foundation, we encourage effective healthcare, good parenting skills, everyday family activities, early intervention and support especially from birth; this helps to aid development.

Likewise, in supporting development, good primary education, various therapies, improved fine and gross motor skills, toilet training, behavioral, etiquette, recreational, vocational training and community activities are required.

This is why we do not focus on only the children living with Down’s syndrome alone, but we also involve the parents and other family members our children belong to into our curricular.

The drive of this, is to equip parents and family members with skills and abilities to support their loved ones as they are the first advocate for these children in our society.